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Timeless Mid-Century Modern Interior

Suppose you’re looking for an interior design style that will give your home an elegant look while keeping things comfortable and functional. In that case, a mid-century modern interior is a great choice! This style was popular in the 1950s and 1960s, characterized by clean lines, sleek furniture, and natural light.

The mid-century modern era brought about a lot of innovation in the furniture world. Our beautiful washed oak veneer cabinets are a perfect example that adds texture and intrigue to this mid-century modern interior. Washed oak veneer cabinets reminiscent of Danish designer furniture from the 1950s.

Living Room Table Sets

We add the oak veneer Remington Dining Table and elegant greige velvet Scribe dining chairs to this mid-century modern interior for a retro look and feel. For a stylish and enchanting atmosphere, we add the sculpted Robbins Table Lamp to reflect the timeless beauty of this harmonious arrangement.

Washed oak veneer series

The Eichholtz Washed Oak Veneer Series invite the natural beauty of washed oak veneer into your interior. The Washed Oak Veneer Series combines brushed brass with washed oak veneer exquisitely handcrafted by skilled artisans. The cabinet doors are made with triangular and rectangular silhouettes.

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