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Mid-Century Modern Living Room Design

Rhapsody featured room is a mid-century modern living room design, and it features clean lines, simple geometric shapes, and neutral colors. It also uses many natural materials like wood and stone, and it often incorporates large windows and bright colors like yellow or orange. The style is popular among people who want to feel like they are living in nature while still enjoying modern conveniences. 

Mid-century modern living rooms are often large and airy, with plenty of space for gathering around the coffee table or other seating areas. If you’re looking for inspiration on decorating your mid-century modern living room, take a tour of our “Rhapsody” Room, where you can experience the beauty of a Mondial Sofa combined with the comfort of a Cesare Sofa. The granite gray Mondial Sofa is perfectly paired with our Cesare Sofa, which features upholstery in black gunmetal and a tufted backrest with embroidered stitching.

Coffee Table with Rounded Corners

The Agoura Coffee Tables are luxurious and majestic, ideal for creating a gorgeous centerpiece in your living room. In this mid-century modern living room design, each coffee table with round corners is crafted to the highest standards and made unique by a ribbed tabletop. We added vintage brass Sterling Hurricanes for an extra touch of romance.

Modern Minimalist Chandelier

Our modern minimalist Cassini and Fusion chandeliers are a striking addition to your modern, minimalist interior. The Cassini Chandelier features four rings, each fitted with LED lights that can be rotated in different directions so that you can control where light is directed in the room. These luxurious modern chandeliers are the perfect finishing touches to a sophisticated space. Cassini and Fusion combine beautiful design with state-of-the-art lighting, giving you an unforgettable and timeless experience. 

Mid-Century Modern Dining Table

The Melchior Dining Table and Kinley Dining Chair set will instantly give your dining room an elegant and timeless look. These pieces are done in Savona gray velvet upholstery, which exudes mid-century flair. Our Kimpton Chandelier hangs over the table, adding a touch of playfulness to the room. These mid-century modern dining tables and chairs mix and match beautifully to make your dining room as contemporary or traditional as your style demands.

Smoked Glass Shelves Cabinets

This design feature is called a floating shelf and makes a bold statement in any living room, whether on its own or in combination with other items. It’s the most common design feature in mid-century modern homes.


The Lagonda Cabinets are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home. The Lagonda Cabinets feature ten smoked glass shelves, an oak veneer base, and a brushed brass frame. These stylish Cabinets are designed in an architecturally inspired geometric shape that adds a distinctive flair to any interior. Use them as dividers or push them against a wall for display – either way, they’re sure to make an impact! These cabinets are adorned with our bronze patina Panther on a marble base, Tobor, Sierra Candle Holders, Domenico Desk Accessory, Gibson Bowl, Darius Bowl, and Bella Vases.

Wall Art Decor for Living Room

Decorate your walls with various framed prints from our extensive collection. Each piece offers a unique piece of art that will add a pop of color to your space. Pair these abstract images with modern furniture for a classic look sure to make a statement in your home.

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