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Soothing Synergy

Add Eichholtz luxury lighting and furniture to your living space, and you’ll be able to create a harmonious atmosphere instantly. These beautiful products are easy on the eyes and provide instant serenity.

Our Reeves Carpet, which has a soft sand color and is handwoven, perfectly complements our retro-chic Tortora Chandelier. The black marble tabletops of our Tomasso coffee tables and the monochrome prints by Ivan Melotti highlight the warm white hues of the chandelier.

Tomasso Series

If you’re looking for a touch of high-end style in your living space, look no further than the Tomasso Series. Tomasso Coffee Table and Side Table chic tabletops made from genuine Italian marble and branch-like legs done in a dark bronze finish, these stunning table sets are perfect for classic or eclectic interiors.

Montado Lounge Sofa

The Montado Lounge Sofa is a modern and chic sofa that offers unmatched comfort and looks great in a penthouse or loft. The Montado Lounge Sofa is made with natural Panama upholstery and tapered black legs.

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