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Step into our featured room, where the design meets the artistry of furniture curation. Each piece of furniture has been carefully chosen to complement each other and create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. 

The centerpiece of this featured room is our Kelly sofa paired with the Kelly chair, which creates a warm and inviting focal point. The Chandelier East Single illuminates the space with its delicate glow, setting the mood for relaxation and sophistication. The Noto table lamp on the side table Terry adds a soft and warm light for an ambient effect. The coffee table Prelude perfectly balances style and function, offering a place to display your favorite decor pieces. 

The wall lamp Luca serves both as an accent and functional light that adds a unique touch to the space. The Ivan Melotti III set of 2 prints perfectly complements the room’s overall design, creating a cohesive and artful aesthetic.

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